House check (no pets)........................$15

Water plants (first 5 free) per watering......$ 5

Lawn watering........................Negotiate

Waiting on repair man (per hour).......$20


Emergency Key Drop Off....................$40

Making of Second Key....................... $10

Key pick up.......................................$20

Key drop off......................................$20


1 - 2 pets ...........................$95 per night

3 - 4 pets ...........................$100 per night

5 - 6 pets ............................ will negotiate at time of booking.

Overnight visit will be charged a 50% non-refundable deposit, by credit card, at the time of the booking.

Cancellations made less than 2 days before your departure date is subject t0 a cancellation fee of  100% of the 1st week.  

** see HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY for alternative requirements.


Ill Pet or Hospice Care:  1 hour of specialized attention ..........................................................$40

Extended Care Hours must have 48 hours notice; any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice is non-refundable.


1 - 2 pets ....................$20 per visit

3 pets .........................$22 per visit

4 pets .........................$24 per visit

More than 4 pets: negotiate price at time of booking

**see Holiday Visits and Cancellation Policy below

VISITS in Your Home

Even with consistent care all litter boxes require an occasional complete overhaul.  You may notice your cat avoiding the litter box, even after it has been scooped, or the litter is clumped really badly; it is time for an overhaul.  If your busy schedule makes overhauling litter boxes difficult  to get accomplished, or you simply have an aversionto the process, our Complete Overhaul of Litter Box Plan will solve your problem. 

Overhauls of litter boxes include completely dumping the old litter, scrubbing and drying the litter box, adding a liner if there was one before, and refilling the box with fresh litter; and take approximately half an hour.  Overhauling litter boxes requires an outdoor location, and the availability to a functioning hose.  Clients are required to provide the following supplies: a large trash bag for the soiled litter, an antiseptic cleanser, scrub brushes, towels for drying, liners (when used) and fresh litter.  All supplies must be left out and available when Granny arrives.  In the event supplies are not available, a General Cat Litter Box Cleaning will be done; and we will contact the client to reschedule the Overhaul.  In the event of bad weather, a general litter box cleaning will be performed and contact will be made to reschedule the appointment for an overhaul. 


To have happy and healthy cat in the home requires the regular maintenance of the litter box.  And, as any true cat lover will tell you, they love their kitties, but the litter box is another story.  The Pet Granny understands that a clean and well kept litter box and surrounding areas leads to the contentment of the felines in the home. Regular maintenance of one litter box is included in our Standard Away Visit.  Should you have more than one litter box, a surcharge of $2.00 is added for each additional box that is cleaned. 

TRAVEL - (Vet, Groomer, Supplies)

Pet Field Trip ($25 minimum*)

Vet, groomer (first 30 minutes)


 payments, by credit card, will be made at the time appointment is scheduled

*Thereafter, should Granny be required to remain with the pet at the veterinarian/groomer fees will be prorated at $15 per each 15 minutes.

Pet Supply Pick up ($25 minimum*) plus the cost of supplies


*Thereafter, in the event supply pick up requires more than 30 minutes, time will be prorated at $15 per each additional 15 minutes.

Emergency Key Drop Off:  It is late, your tired, and you just got home from a long trip.  You reach into your pocket for keys - and they are not there!!!  Somewhere along the way, you have set your house keys down and you are not locked out of your own home.  You call a local locksmith for help and are shocked at what they will charge to come out and get you into the house and make a set of keys.  Then you remember "The Pet Granny" was just here and has a set of keys.  A quick call to Granny and she is on the way to let you in the house at a substantial savings over the locksmith.  Make sure you have The Pet Granny telephone number programmed in your cell for just this sort of emergency.

Making of Second Key:  The Pet Granny has two options concerning keys, both require two sets of keys to be provided.  To assure a seamless visit, The Pet Granny will be picked up the two sets of keys at the time of the Initial Registration Appointment.  The keys are maintained in a color coded system that does not identify your keys with your name or address.  At the end of your scheduled trip, both sets of keys are returned to our system, waiting on your next trip.  If your schedule does not allow time to have a second key, we will be happy to get the key made.  The fee for making the second key will be charged on the first invoice.

Key Pick Up/Drop Off:  Option #2 is the return of all keys at the end of the scheduled trip.  Should you wish the keys returned there is a fee to drop off the keys, and then a pick up fee to pick up the keys for the next scheduled trip.  Should you wish to avoid these fees, you may elect to pick up your keys at The Pet Granny office.  Please call 214-991-2346 to make arrangements for a time to pick up the keys. 

Having Keys made for The Pet Granny:  When you are having keys made for The Pet Granny it is imperative that you confirm the key(s) work properly before releasing them to The Pet Granny.


1-2 dogs.......................................$75.00

add $2.00 surcharge for each additional pet up to 5 pets. Six dogs must be negotiated.

Sweet Dreams/Rise and Shine Visits will be charged a 50% non-refundable deposit, by credit card, at the time of booking.

** see HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY for alternative requirements



PET FIELD TRIPS: Does your personal schedule conflict with being able to get your pet baby to the veterinarian, or to get a much needed grooming appointment accomplished?  The Pet Granny can help you get these important  chores completed.  Clients must provide be able to provide a pet carrier to transport smaller pets.

PET SUPPLY PICKUP:   You have gotten everything ready for the trip, and you are ready to walk out of the door.  Suddenly you realize you do not have enough food to last for the length of time you will be gone, and the litter is low too!!  Or, your trip requires that you must be out of town longer that originally planned, and supplies will not last until you get back home.  Don't worry, Granny can help, we will shop for you.  We will cover the cost of the supplies initially, send you a digital picture of the receipt, then will bill your credit card with the travel time and cost of supplies.

Is your pet afraid of the dark?  Or does your pet become overly anxious if left alone for too long?  Some animals do become too lonely and need extra care.  The Pet Granny can spend the night to assure comfort for your pet, as well as provide additional security for your home.  The Sleep Rover will begin when your Granny arrives around 10:00 PM.  She will remain until the following morning between 6:00 and 7:00 AM.  Prior to leaving, Granny will go through the morning routine of a feed and a short walk as needed.  Should you feel a need for an additional visit during the day to assure the comfort or routine of your pets;  visits may be added for an additional charge.  Any additional visits outside the Sleep Rover schedule will be charged at the normal fee (see Standard Away Visits), based on the number of pets in the home.

Administer Oral Medication (per pet/visit)............$ 5

Administer Shots(pet pet/visit)...........................$10

Administer Hydration (Sub Q)..............................$10

Do you remember those great stay over visits with your Granny?  First was a great evening of Granny's company, where you would play games and listened to her funny stories.  Then it was off to bed, with a gentle kiss on the forehead, and a "Sweet Dreams" just before she turned out the lights.  The next morning, rubbing the sleep from your eyes, it was up for breakfast when you heard her call, "Rise and Shine." 

If a full overnight visit does not seem necessary to you, yet, you are concerned that the evening routine for your pet baby(ies) remain(s) somewhat constant, then the "Sweet Dreams/Rise and Shine"visit is just the answer.  Granny arrives around 8:00 PM and devotes one-on-one time with your pet baby(ies) until 10:00 PM.  Evening routines are followed; and your pets are reassured with the presence of someone being at home during the evening hours.  At 10:00 PM it is off to bed, a kiss goodnight, lights out, and a "Sweet Dreams" till morning.  The next morning Granny returns between 7:00 and 9:00 PM for a "Rise and Shine" breakfast and a potty break.  It is not a Sleep Rover with Granny, but it is close.  (These visits are subject to staff availability)



Pet Sitting Services in Dallas, TX

Palliative Care (Hospice Care)  Facing the impending loss of your beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will ever have to cope with.  As your pet's health declines, you may elect to care for your pet at home with palliative care (hospice care).  However, your work schedule and life style may not allow you the additional time for the supplementary care required to see that your pet's discomfort and stress is minimized.  Palliative care is a growing area in veterinary medicine, therefore, it is very important that you discuss this intensive home care, and all that it requires, with your veterinarian prior to making your final decision.  There will be medications to administer and/or possibly bandages to change out.  There will be a need for close observation and recording of many factors in your pet's life; such as your pet's behavior, weight, temperature, eating habits, mobility, and over all well-being.  The Pet Granny works with the supervision of your veterinarian to help guide the end-of-life experience.  The Pet Granny can visit as often as you choose to assure that your pet is comfortable.  The Pet Granny checks to see that the pet is not wet or soiled; and will assist your pet in getting up with a sling or towel, if need be, to go outside to urinate or defecate.  The Pet Granny can provide fluid therapy, perform general nursing duties, and keep a record of all critical information required by the veterinarian to assure the best care.  Granny will also text, or call you, if there is a sudden change that your require your personal attention and/or that of the veterinarian.

 Palliative care is an option for those individuals that wish to have an extended good-bye or are opposed to euthanasia.  Pet hospice in not a place that you can take your pet, it is a personal choice and philosophy that includes death as a part of life; and holds to the belief that the death can be dignified.  The goal for your veterinarian and The Pet Granny is not to cure your pet's illness, but instead to guarantee a peaceful end to the life experience.

The first time we meet is during the initial registration meeting where both you and your pet babies meet Granny.  At this time Granny asks lots of questions about the pet babies.  Every house has family rules; these rules are about special routines and habits of the pet babies.  Granny wants to know the important things: like which are the favorite toys, what are the special treats, and when and how to give them!!! Granny loves treats!!  Granny also finds out things like: are any of the pets afraid of storms, or, where are the special hiding places, what words do they best respond to, will they come to a meow?  The more the Granny knows the more comfortable she can make her special visits.  Granny will also get TWO sets of keys at this time, and payment for the first scheduled visits.

If cleaning the litter box is something you really HATE to do, The Pet Granny can help.  Our specialized stand alone Cat Litter Box Cleaning Visit allows you to schedule a visit that deals only with the regular cleaning of the litter box.  This service takes less than 15 minutes, and includes scooping litter, bagging and removing soiled litter from the premises, deodorizing the litter box, filling the box with additional litter, and sweeping the area around the box.   It is often recommended that pregnant women do not handle cat litter during their pregnancy; however, when they have cats in their home a true dilemma arises. One, two, or more visits a week by Granny during the pregnancy can solve the problem.  All litter box supplies must be provided by the client.   

Palliative Care (Hospice Care)..........Individual Quote

VISITS- Various types of visits are offered to customize each clients specialized needs.


General Cat Litter Box Cleaning Visit:

One Litter Box:............................................................ $18.00

One time cleaning/each additional box:.............................. $18.00

Weekly or Bi-weekly visits each additional litter box $3.00 each

The most important element of The Pet Granny visit in your home is to give LOVE and UNDIVIDED ATTENTION to your pet babies.  Granny tends to their needs for fresh food and water, makes sure that potty breaks are taken and litter boxes are cleaned.  One on one attention, with some playtime, is always some of Granny's favorite part of the visit.  Each regular visit includes a security check that makes sure nothing on the property has been disturbed by bad weather or by bad intentions of the human kind.   Granny also brings in the mail, picks up the newspaper, takes all fliers off the door, brings in any packages, and surveys the exterior of the property for problems.  In addition, lights and blinds are rotated, radios and TV's are adjusted, and a few plants are watered; all of which are designed to give your home the appearance that you are home.  There is no additional charge for these services.  The Standard Away Visit lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.  When Granny comes to your house she focuses on making your pet happy, after all, it is a visit from their GRANNY.

CUSTOMIZE SCHEDULES:  The Standard Away Visits are available within five different time slots.  The Pet Granny will come to your home up to four times per day depending on the needs of your pet babies. Whendeveloping your customized  schedule select the time slot that fits your pet baby's needs.  Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee and commit to a specific time within a time block without special arrangements being made (additional fees may be applied for a request of a specified time within the time block).

MORNING (AM) VISITS:               between hours of ..........5:00 AM and 10:00 AM

MIDDAY    (AM/PM) VISITS:       between hours of ..........10:00 AM and 3:30 PM

AFTERNOON (PM) VISITS:         between hours of ............3:30 PM and 5:00 PM

EARLY EVENING (PM) VISITS:  between hours of ...........5:00 PM and 8:00 PM

LATE EVENING (PM) VISITS:     between hours of ...........8:00 PM and 11:00 PM

NOONERS CLUB - Midday Visits

The NOONERS CLUB is designed to take care of pet babies from puppies all the way through to senior pets.  Do you always feel like you are on the run?  The NOONERS CLUB is designed for you to experience guilt free ownership of your pet(s), and still deal with your very busy and demanding schedule.  If you are frustrated with the fact that you are giving up your lunch break to see to the needs of your pet(s); Granny can help. If you have a recurringschedule of 5 or more times a week that you need to check on your pet(s), or to let your pet(s) outside....then you and your pet(s) need to be a part of the NOONERS CLUBNOONERS CLUB members get a minimum of 5 Midday visits per week that last approximately 15 minutes.  These visits are designed to allow for a potty break, and some playtime and short walk to break the monotony of being home aloneEach situation is a little different, so particulars will be discussed and a quote given at the time of booking.  Since NOONERS CLUBmembers book in one month segments, significant discounts are provided.  These NOONERS CLUB visits are also ideal for puppy potty training; and to develop good socialization skills for your puppy.

Dogs receiving midday visits in Dallas, TX

Standard Away Visit Litter Box Maintenance:

First litter box...................................FREE

Each additional box.............. $2.00 per box

**All supplies must be provided by client.

GRANNY TLC TIME-EXTENDED CARE VISIT- see Palliative Care (Hospice)

Members receive EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on standard fees. Five midday visits a week; designed to fit your baby's needs: love, mental stimulation, and exercise!!

1-2 dogs $60.00 a week.  Each situation is a little different, so particulars will be discussed  at the time of booking.

Standard Away Visits:  We require a minimum of 48 hours' notice prior to departure date for cancellations.  Any cancellation made with less than 48 hours' notice is charged with 100% of the first week, if cancellation is less than 7 days' notice prior to departure a cancellation fee of 25% of the first week will be charged.  If we arrive for a visit and find you at home, or, the pet not there you will be charged for the visit.  Once a trip has begun no refund will be given on unused scheduled visits without specific authorization by The Pet Granny.

NOONERS CLUB Visits:  NOONERS CLUB members are allowed 3 cancellations per month without penalty.  Cancellation must be made prior to 9:00 AM to  be considered a non-penalty cancellation.  Non-penalty cancellations will be credited in the following month.  No credit is give beyond the 3 cancellation within a single month.  The NOONERS CLUB is based on a monthly schedule; cancellation of an entire week can forfeit NOONERS CLUB discounts.  If cancellation notice is not given prior to the arrival of a pet sitter, or the pet is not there, or the owner is home no credit will be applied.

Extended Care Visits:   Must have no less than 48 hours' notice; and cancellation made with less than 48 hours' notice is non-refundable.

"Sleep Rover" Overnight Visits:  Cancellations made less than 48 hours' before your departure date is subject t0 a cancellation fee of  100% of the 1st week.  ** see HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY for alternative requirements.

"Sweet Dreams/Rise and Shine" Visit:  Cancellations made less than 2 days before your departure date is subject t0 a cancellation fee of  100% of the 1st week.  ** see HOLIDAY CANCELLATION POLICY for alternative requirements.

Travel:  Twenty-four hours' notice of cancellation is necessary for a refund, same day cancellations will not be refunded.

House Sitting (no pets):  Cancellation of house sitting requires a 24 hour notice before your departure, and cancellation given with less than 24 hour notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of $25% of the first week.


The Pet Granny team has been trained in how to administer medication.  We have experience in giving medications, both liquids and pills, as well as experience in giving shots.  In addition, in order to maintain hydration, we are trained in administering subcutaneous fluids (under the skin) to any pet.  Administering of medications is done during a standard visit and carries an additional charge per pet, and per visit.


Complete Overhaul of Litter Box Plan:

One litter box:........................................ $25.00

Each Additional Litter Box:...................... $18.00

Electronic Litter Box Add an Additional..... $20.00

Extended care provides for specialized attention for your pet babies.  Some animals need extra love to remain calm, even though they are in their own home.  Or, you may have a pet that is ill and requires a bit more attention during a difficult time.  The Pet Granny will spend as much time in your home with your pet as you feel is necessary to sufficiently tend to their well-being.  Extended care is booked in 1 hour segments.**see section on Palliative Care (Hospice)


When Granny comes to visit she will record the fun she is having with your pet(s) during the visit with a series of pictures and videos.  These pictures and videos, and text are forwarded to you to keep you involved with what is happening while you are away.  These electronic journals are fun, informative, and something you will want to share with your family, friends, and associates.  We understand that leaving your pet family behind can be a bit unnerving, so we hope this service will allow you a greater sense of peace while you are traveling.

Palliative Care (Hospice Care)

House Sitting No Pets:   There may be a time when you are going out of town and will be taking your pets with you; however, you would still like the plants watered, and lights rotated.  The Pet Granny will bring in the mail, water five indoor plants (free), rotate lights and blinds, and do a walk through of the property to ensure all remains safe in your absence.  Also, in the event of severe weather, Granny will make an extra trip to check on the property, confirming there is no damage.

Indoor/Outdoor Plants:  Tending to plants while we are in the home is a part of the Standard Away Visit.  The first FIVE indoor plants are free of any charge, additional plants will have a slight charge.  Fees will be determined at the time of the Initial Registration Appointment.  During the summer, you may be absent long enough to require the yard to be watered.  Because of the amount of vegetation of the property, and specific requests, all outdoor plant care is quoted on an individual bases.

Waiting on Repairman:   On rare occasions a crisis will occur during your trip, a central air unit goes out leaving your home uninhabitable for your pets, a hot water heater begins to leak into the home....the problems vary and all require immediate attention.  should you not have someone to step in and tend to these crisis, The Pet Granny will wait on the repairman you call, and will report to you their assessment and suggested solutions.


The Pet Granny understands that we make plans, life happens, things change, and cancellations occur.  Our busiest times of the year fall on and around National Holidays.  In order to assure that the holiday season runs smoothly for all concerned we have put the following cancellation policy in place:

Full payment for Holiday schedules will be collected, by credit card, at the time the appointment is set.

Cancellation of 15 or more days prior to the scheduled departure date - a FULL REFUND will be issued.

Cancellation of 7-14 days prior to the scheduled departure date - a REFUND OF 50% of total scheduled fee will be issued.

Cancellation of 6-or less days prior to the schedule departure date - NO REFUND or CREDIT will be issued.

Pet sitting the Granny Way