Q:  Will Granny provide supplies to clean up after my pet?

A:  The Pet Granny does not provide any cleaning supplies.  YOU are responsible for all necessary supplies to clean up after your pet.  These supplies include plastic bags needed to facilitate picking up waste, trash bags or containers for removal or scooping of litter, litter scoops, additional litter, puppy pads, air freshening sprays, disinfectants, paper towels, and floor and carpet cleaners.

Q:  Will you pick up after my pet(s)?

A:  Granny does not like a mess.  Your pet's Granny will clean whether there is an inside accident with one of your pets, or picking up animal waste when taking a dog on a walk.  In addition, should a pet destroy personal property, Granny will clean up and will send digital pictures to keep you informed of the problems.   Should extensive time be required to clean up, you will be notified that an additional charge may be ensued, and you may make the call as to the time spent in clean up.

Q:  I already have a pet sitter, why should I change to The Pet Granny?

A:  The Pet Granny is committed to providing care for your pets that allows you to feel you are involved with a positive, personalized family service.  Granny does have gray hair, a few wrinkles, and parts of her body sags here and there, but she is not without some techno savvy, she has an iPhone that is with her twenty-four hours a day.  When you call The Pet Granny number, you will not hear a recorded message (unless Granny is driving) and a request to leave a message, you will speak directly to Granny.  Other services can provide you with a capable and responsible service, but the service is often provided by sitters that are far removed from the original pet sitter's (owner) passion and vision  Our commitment to a positive, personalized family service is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Short notice request are often what we are about, because we believe that family does for family - guaranteed.  Call and talk to Granny and see what you think.

Q: What is "in home pet sitting?"

A:  In home pet sitting is customized care for your pets.  During our registration visit, special care is taken to understand the "family rules" and to provide your furry family members with the attention and support that meets their specific needs and routines.  You can even request that Granny spend the night.  As a bonus your home also receives special attention, plants watered, mail brought in, and lights alternated.  This allows your home to appeared occupied at all times in order to deter burglars.

Q: Why should I use an in home pet sitter, rather than a professional kennel?

A:  Kennels have been known by different names, doggy spas, or, doggy day care to name a couple.  However, the imprisonment like environment for your pets falls quiet short of such euphoric terms.  First of all, the psychological impact on your pet dealing with YOUR absence is severe, and then to have them removed from their home environment and placed in lock down within a kennel can be very jarring for the pet.  Repercussions, such as depression or anger, may last several days or more for some animals after the kennel experience.  With visits from The Pet Granny your pets are able to maintain their normal routines of diet and exercise.  In addition, your pet has the undivided attention of their GRANNY.  Finally, your pets are at home when you return, so there is no need to make an extra trip to pick them up once you are home.




Q:  Does my dog need to be on a leash even if they have been through training?

A:   If your dog is going to be outside of your home and yard we have a very strict policy that requires them to be on a leash.  Our first priority is the safety of your pet, the only way we can maintain that safety is by having a certain level of control.  Situations could arise that without a voice command from you, the pet parent, a dog without a leash could move into a dangerous situation and The Pet Granny would be unable to stop possible harm or crisis.

Q: I have a last minute trip suddenly come up!  Can you help me?

A:  Life is full of the unexpected and of the immediate change.  Sometimes these changes are fun, sometimes they are sad, and sometimes they are just necessary; and, no one can predict when you will be thrown one of these curves.  Having a pet should not be something to add to the stress of you having to change gears in mid-stream.  Call The Pet Granny - 214-458-1611 - we are there to help.  Family takes care of family - guaranteed.

Q:  Are you able to administer medication for my pet(s)?

A:  The Pet Grannies are trained in how to administer both pills and liquid medications.  We are also trained in providing insulin shots and allergy shots, and in administering sub-q hydration fluids.

Q:  Why is there an Initial Registration Meeting?

A:  The Initial Registration Meeting is a visit that allows you to get to know our service, and for us to get to know you and your pets.  During this visit we will learn the "family rules", become aware of any special needs your pet may have, and any important requests that you might have.  This visit allows us an opportunity to meet your pets in your presence, building a positive rapport with the animals while you are there.  This original meeting will carry over to the first time we enter the home without you.  We will also collect important information such as the pet's vet name, location and number, emergency contact numbers, and alarm numbers.  This will also be the time that we collect payment for the first scheduled visits, the keys to your home, and answer any additional questions you might have.

Q:  I have a very elderly pet that will die soon.  Do you provide hospice care for sick or elderly pets?

A:  Facing the impending loss of your beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will ever have to cope with.  As your pet's health declines, you may elect to care for your pet at home with palliative care (hospice care).  However, your work schedule and life style may not allow you the additional time for the additional care required to see that your pet's discomfort and stress is minimized.  Palliative care is a growing area in veterinary medicine.  Therefore, it is very important that you discuss this intensive home care and all that it requires with your veterinarian prior to making your final decision.  There will be medications to administer, possibly bandages to change out,.  A regiment of close observation and recording of your pet's behavior will become necessary.  Recording such things as weight, temperature, eating habits, mobility, and over all well-being.  The Pet Granny works with the supervision of your veterinarian to help guide the end-of-life experience.  Surround your pet with their favorite things, that special squeaky toy or that special soft blanket, help to develop a cushioned sleeping spot to deter pressure sores that develop due to limited mobility.  Older pets (like people) are often incontinent with age as they loose bladder control.  The Pet Granny can visit as often as you choose to assure that your pet is comfortable.  The Pet Granny checks to see that the pet is not wet or soiled; and if need be will assist your pet in getting up with a sling or towel to go outside to urinate or defecate.  We also can provide fluid therapy, and preform general nursing duties.  We help to assure the best care by keeping a record of all critical information required by the veterinarian.  Granny will also text or call you if there is a sudden change that would require your personal attention and/or the veterinarian.  Palliative care is an option for those individuals that wish to have an extended good-bye, or are opposed to euthanasia.  Pet hospice is not a place you go to, it is a personal choice and philosophy that includes death as a part of life; and holds to the belief that the death can be dignified.  The goal; for your veterinarian and The Pet Granny is not to cure your pet's illness, but instead to guarantee a peaceful end to the life experience.

Q: Can I trust The Pet Granny with my keys and my home?

A:  All Grannies are screened prior to employment and all are bonded.  None of the vehicles that drive up to your home have a company insignia, which prevents people from knowing you are not home.  Grannies are familiar with alarm systems and work with them frequently.

Q:  Are there "surcharges" for National Holiday Care?

A:  There are no extra charges for National Holiday Care.  However, we appreciate advance scheduling notice of three weeks prior to the National Holiday to assure that service is available.  Payment for the National Holiday Service is collected at the time of scheduling, and follows a strict, without exception, Cancellation Policy in regard to refunds. **see policy under Services/Prices.  We do, however, accept short notice schedules, so if your plans have changed and you suddenly find that you are going to be going out of town for the holiday, please call, we will do our best to honor your schedule.  Schedules are accepted up to the day of the holiday, if we have available openings; however, all schedules made with six days, or less, prior to the holiday will be required to make a full non-refundable payment at the time of scheduling.  

Q:  Does my Granny (sitter) accept tips?

A:  Yes.  Tips are not required; however, if you feel your sitter has earned a tip for a job well done, then by all means show your appreciation by leaving a "special thank you."  Tips should be placed in the envelops with payment for the trip.  Should you wish to add a tip to the credit card payment; or, you decide to offer a tip once the scheduled trip is over, simply email the office at thegrannyway@thepetgranny.com with instructions, or call/text 214-458-1611 to provide the amount.

Q: Do you have boarding facilities?

A:  No.  We believe in in-home care, our service is about seeing to the comfort and contentment of your pets during your absence; even a loving environment can be traumatic when the pet is removed from their own home.  However, we do understand that some pets require more personal attention than others.  Therefore, we have pet care providers that can house sit, as well as take care of your animals should you need to leave town for an extended period of time.  Please email us at thegrannyway@thepetgranny.com for call/text 214-458-1611 for more information regarding this service.

Q:  How and when is payment received?

A:  Payment is due at the beginning of service.  See SERVICES/PRICES: Holiday Schedule/Overnight Schedule Policy for exception.The Pet Granny accepts Discover, MasterCard, and Visa, personal checks, and cash.  New clients will pay for the service at the time of the Initial Registration Meeting; established clients will receive an invoice at the time of scheduling, and will pay prior to departure, either by credit card, or by leaving a personal check/cash on the kitchen counter.  Nooner Club members pay on the first working day of the month.  

Q:  What is your key policy?

A:  Our clients may choose between two options:

1)  Clients can choose our pick-up and drop-off service with their keys.  Cost: $20.00 for both the pickup and return.  We do not return keys through the mail.

2)  Clients provide The Pet Granny with two sets of keys.  These keys are kept for future service.  Most clients choose this key policy, so we can be ready in a moment's notice to provide service.

Pet sitting the Granny Way

Q:  I never have time to go to the veterinarians or the groomer.  Can you help?:

A:  We provide transportation to and from the veterinarian, the groomer, or wherever they need to go.  The client must be able to provide a pet carrier for small to mid size pets.  If you require the Granny to be in attendance during the veterinarian appointment to gather instructions, obtain a written copy of the diagnosis, and get copies of the prescription, we will be happy to do so.  Times fees are charged based on the length of time the Granny is with the pet., or, the length of time required to fill a prescription. Example: charging of time fees start when the pet is picked up from the home, are suspended when dropped off, and pick up again when pet is picked up to be taken home.  Should you require the Granny to be in attendance for any of the duration of an appointment the time fees charged will include the entire appointment from pick up to re-delivery home.  We prefer a 24 hour window for such appointments, however, if an emergency arises do not hesitate to contact us.

Q:  How long do the Grannies stay for a visit, and what time will be they be at my home?

A:  Visits are between 20 and 30 minutes for our Away visits, and approximately 15 minutes for the NOONERS CLUB visit.  The exact number  of routine visits is entirely up to you.  You may choose from one, up to four visits per day, utilizing a combination of Standard Away Visits, Extended Care, Sleep rovers (overnights), Sweet Dreams (alternate overnight), whatever fits the needs of you and your pets.  We DO NOT guarantee a specific time, although we work to accommodate your pets current schedule.   The time block specifics may be reviewed under the Standard Away Visits, on the Services and Prices page.

Q:  What do I do if I want to schedule a time for your service?

A:  You have a few options:  You may call or text The Pet Granny office at 214-458-1611.  Should you need service in less than a 48 hournotice YOU MUST CALL TO MAKE THE RESERVATION.  You may go to the CONTACT US page on this website/mobile app and submit a request.  Or finally, include our email address in your  email address book, and send a detailed email to thegrannyway@thepetgranny.comYou should receive a call or email from The Pet Granny within 24 hours to confirm the reservation.

Q:  How do you handle my keys?

A:  Should you choose option number two of the Key Policy and provide us with the two sets of keys, we will pick up the keys at the time of the Initial Registration Meeting; therefore it is vital that you are prepared to release two sets of keys at that time.  If you are having keys made for us, PLEASE CHECK THE KEYS PRIOR TO YOUR INITIAL REGISTRATION MEETING  TO GUARANTEE THEY WORK PROPERLY.  Nothing is more terrifying than to be outside on a porch, being able to hear the animals inside, and cannot get in because a newly made set of keys does not work!!!

The keys are placed in a color coded system.  The keys will bare the name of your pets, and DO NOT include your name or address.  Even if a Granny misplaces your keys it would be very difficult for someone to identify the keys as yours.

In addition to the keys, should you live in a gated community The Pet Granny will need to be provided with an access fob, or gate code along with alarm codes and passwords.