...."I understand you are the Pet Granny, and I need your help!"

A few weeks later I got a call from a business associate of my colleague.  I answered the phone, "Hello, this is Ree Wattner. May I help you?"

"Yes," I heard, "I understand you are the Pet Granny, and I need your help!"

From those two phone calls The Pet Granny way of taking care of our furry family has grown and grown!

Stephanie Southard

Ed McMahon

What to Expect


  • In breeding caused 3 out of every 10 Dalmatian dogs to suffer from hearing disability.
  • Scientists have discovered that dogs can smell the presence of autism in children.
  • 'Seizure Alert' dogs can alert their guardians up to an hour before the onset of an epileptic seizure.
  • At the end of World War I, the German government trained the first guide dog to assist blind war veterans.
  • The first seeing-eye dog was presented to a blind person on April 25, 1938.
  • Cat urine glows under a black light.
  • Cats are attracted to automobile antifreeze because of its sweet taste.
  • The penalty for killing a cat, 4,000 years ago in Egypt, was death.
  • In ancient Egypt, the entire family would shave their eyebrows off as a sign of mourning when the family cat died.
  • Human painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) are toxic to cats. Chocolate is also poisonous to cats.

"Giving my pets unconditional love, and feeling the bounty of devotion from my dogs and cats each day, keeps me in balance."

A colleague of mine was having to go out of town for a business trip and asked if I would care for her dog and cat while she was away.  My personal schedule was completely flexible, and I really liked her dog and cat; so I agreed.   I do not know who had more fun, her dog and cat - or me!  When my colleague returned she called to say she had never seen her dog and cat be so content and happy when she returned from a trip.  I have never forgotten her words, "It was just like their granny came to take care of them."

College led me into the field of psychology.  My involvement in this field provided me with the opportunity to work for twenty-five years with hospice patients, Alzheimer patients, and abused children.  Ultimately, this work led me to operate a non-profit organization that focuses on educating children to have a voice against their abuse.  The work is very rewarding; however, it is also very stressful.  I found that my personal stress relief came as I worked with my own pets at the end of a difficult day.  Giving my pets unconditional love, and feeling the bounty of devotion from my dogs and cats each day, keeps me in balance.



meet our granny family

Communication: Text, pictures/videos with each visit.  Or, call and talk to Granny Ree at any time.

Pet Sitting done in your home with a sense of "family" - we provide the love and care that you expect from a Granny or Grand-Pappy.

Melissa Moore

My family dynamics played a significant role in my love of animals.  My father grew up on a farm and had a wealth of knowledge concerning animals, both domestic and wild, which he share with me.  My mother, who was physically disabled by the time I was ten years old, taught me the value of having  a pet companion to help to elevate stress.  Also, I have a sister, although we are far enough apart in age that we both grew up as children without siblings. With my sister so far ahead of me in years, my parents nullified my loneliness by providing me a wide variety of pets.

The Pet Granny is so awesome! If you love your fur babies like they really are your children - this is one of the best services you could ever provide them to ensure they're healthy, happy, and have had potty breaks while you are away.

They provide an excellent, reliable, trustworthy and friendly service

Mallory B

Pet sitting the Granny Way


"Each was more than a pet to me, they were my family - a brother, or a sister."

Old Fashion Service: we believe in reliable, trustworthy service done with a smile.

 As a child I enjoyed caring for and learning from my birds, monkeys, turtles, horses, and dogs.  I did not have any cat pets until I was an adult.  As an adult I fell in love with cats and learned a whole new set of lessons from these babies.  But as a child I had lots of dogs, I had big dogs, and little dogs, I had mutts, and pure breeds.  Each was more than a pet to me, they were my family - a brother, or a sister.  I grew up believing that pets were more than dumb animals to care for; they were living things that I counted on.

Mary Nester